ALEX SUFIT / Lexitricity

Music video and commercials director, with a background in illustration. I grew up between London and the South of France on a diet of Art-House cinema and MTV.

‘Gentlemen in Squalor’ is my music video homage to Bugsy Malone, starring Dexter Fletcher (Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Press Gang). It scooped the Jury Prize at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival and Van Gogh Award in World Cinema at the Amsterdam Film Festival, amongst others.

My most recent work includes ‘Stick Me In My Heart’ for Archive (Dangervisit Records) and ‘One Day’ for the Grammy-nominated duo LMFAO (Polydor Records), a finalist of the Tuborg Liquid Challenge.

Commercial credits include the ‘Only in Belfast’ TV spots, Penguin Books USA, Random House and Danone. I have built a niche in Publishing and Travel, shooting on everything from 35mm film at Pinewood Studios to the humble DSLR.

I have also written and directed several shorts films, including ‘Blink’ a thriller broadcast on Canal+, black comedy ‘The Morning After’, and ‘How Not to Say I Love You’, which was selected for the prestigious ╩╗Jeunes Auteurs en Europe╩╝ at the Amiens International Film Festival.