How Not To Say I Love You

Film title How Not To Say I Love You (2008)

Length 5 minutes 55 seconds

Type Romantic Comedy

Format HDV

When Ben is dumped by his actress girlfriend, he tracks her down at a rehearsal and confronts her under the stage spotlights, giving us an unexpected lesson in how not to say those three magic words. A tale about love and misunderstandings.

Lennard Sillevis
Olivia Mace
Dan Skili
Geoff Brown
Sam Rice
Nathan Taylor

Written and Directed by
Alex Sufit

Director of Photography
Jay J Odedra

Focus Puller
Alison Lai

Gaffer / Grip
Arsenio Assin

Sound Recordist
Mark Keshishian

Hair & Makeup Artist
Jo Drake

Mark Curl

Blue Bambinos
Jamie Mortimer